5 X 1000 Sustain the Association

Support the activities of the Association of Social Promotion "Gli anni in tasca", indicating our Tax Code 91162390370 in the box 5x1000 of the tax return. For us it is an indispensable aid in order to continue to offer, to the children who follow our activities, a quality program.


In accordo al regolamento sulle “Libere Forme Associative” del Comune di Bologna, pubblichiamo lo Statuto dell’Associazione e il Bilancio consuntivo 2014
Si specifica che nel consuntivo 2013 il contributo in servizi del Quartiere San Vitale (stampa di 10 manifesti e di locandine) non è quantificabile in quanto il Quartiere ha sostenuto direttamente le spese dei fornitori che ci hanno dato tale servizio.
Altro contributo indiretto è l’uso gratuito della sede operativa, in via Santa Apollonia 15.

L’Associazione di promozione sociale “Gli anni in tasca, il cinema e i ragazzi” ha una convenzione del 23 gennaio 2012 (n. 210217 con il Comune di Bologna – Quartiere San Vitale) per l’utilizzo di alcuni locali compresi nell’immobile di proprietà comunale sito a Bologna – via Santa Apollonia 15.
Periodo: tre anni dalla data di sottoscrizione della convenzione.
Questo è un contributo indiretto del Comune a sostegno dell’attività dell’Associazione, che opera per il benessere culturale e sociale delle bambine e dei bambini, degli adolescenti e delle famiglie.
Questa sede contiene l’archivio dei film e di tutti i materiali video e cartacei prodotti nell’arco di 19 anni, dall’associazione e dalle scuole coinvolte nelle iniziative, vi è inoltre un piccolo ufficio, utilizzato per il lavoro e le riunioni.
La sede è stata ristrutturata e messa a norma dai membri e dai volontari dell’associazione.

Nel corso del 2014 l’Associazione ha ricevuto dal Comune di Bologna, Quartieri Navile e San Vitale, contributi in servizi, come l’utilizzo della Sala Centofiori per una mattinata di proiezioni per le scuole, e l’offerta della stampa di materiale cartaceo a corredo della rassegna Un film nello zaino e del Festival Youngabout.


Logo GliAnniinTasca
Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
We select images, words, and sounds to make children and young adults happy.
Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
We invite all young spectators to embark on a fantastic adventure, letting themselves get caught up in the magic of the big screen.
Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
We offer them material that contemporary society tends to push aside, taking a variety of movies from film festivals all over Europe.
Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
We help them share the feelings evoked after seeing a film, giving words to emotions.
Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
Through roll play and observation, we give life to new and original narrations, for them and with them.
Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
We listen to children and adolescents,
because they have a lot to tell us.

All of this in more then 50 scholastic institutions
every year

logo annintasca

The Association "Gli Anni in Tasca" Youth and Cinema is a non-profit organization for social change, with its main office in Bologna.
The choice for the name is a tribute to French director François Truffaut, a sensitive and extraordinary backer of childhood and adolescence, and to his film L’argent de poche from 1976, shown in Italy under the title Gli Anni in Tasca (or "Years in Your Pocket"). A harmonic tale capable of communicating, without rhetoric, the joy of living, and the desires and feelings of its young characters.

In 1995, anniversary of the birth of cinema, Olga Durano and Angela Mastronardo in response to requests from the scholastic world, created the festival Un film nello zaino (A film in your backpack) to help kids understand and love quality cinema.


We organize
Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
The intarnational film festival
Un film nello zaino (A film in your backpack)
Geared towards a public ages 4 to 12.
A selection of quality international films, not included on the commercial circuit, presented in a welcoming movie theater during school hours, with afternoon and evening second showings for a more diverse audience.
Logo YoungAbout
The international festival
YoungaBOut, youth and cinema
Dedicated to an adolescent audience ages 13 to 20.
A true beehive of new ideas, a virtual trip around the world through very varied films and using many disciplines which unite visual arts, new technology, and television productions. The jury is made up of 50 students from high schools and Universities.

Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca

An update class on cinema for teachers, educators, and parents.

Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
Comparing films laboratory in schools aimed at comparing different expressive methods, relating films to written or illustrated texts or with figurative artworks.
Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
Workshops for the production of fictions and short animated films with designs and various materials, run by experts who collaborate with the Association, in our cultural centers and schools.
Logo Bimbo AnniinTasca
Didactic interventions in schools applying methodological strategies to help children recognize their emotions and evaluate their esthetic tastes.
Help us help

Participate in our activities and help us offer children stimuli and instruments that will remain in their “toolbox” for the rest of their lives.

The actions that we have carried out in scholastic institutions have continued to bring extraordinary benefits over the years to students with integration difficulties, or at risk for being ostracized or leaving school.

In the name of our worthy creative club, which has always inspired and guided us, we invite you to offer your suggestions and opportunities for collaboration, as co-authors or “idea bringers”.

Please visit the site www.gliannintasca.com for more information on the different ways to get involved or contact the directors at the following numbers:
Tel +39 345 2125230  or  Tel +39 333 3693539

Your donations made to the Association can be fiscally deducted and detracted.

money given as grants are deductible (therefore recognized as a company expenditure) for amounts less than 1,549.37 euro or 2% of the declared company income.

FOR PRIVATE DONATIONS monetary donations have a fiscal benefit for amounts up to 2,065.83 euro per year of a net sum of up to 19% of the donated sum within the limit stated above.

The Association Gli Anni in Tasca will issue a receipt on which the APS (non profit) qualification is written as well as all of the necessary normative details.
The entire documentation regarding the donation must be kept by the owner and by the A.P.S. (Association) for the standard verification time (5 years).

Amministrazione Trasparente
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Amministrazione Trasparente

Membri del consiglio direttivo

Compensi del consiglio direttivo

Curriculum Angela Mastrolonardo

Curriculum Olga Durano

Curriculum Graziella Galvani


With the support of
Degree Course in DAMS (Disciplines of Art, Music and Performing Arts) - University of Bologna
Department of Educational Sciences - University of Bologna

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